Divorce Settlements

As any Orlando family lawyer can attest, in many marriages, one spouse has a complete understanding of the family debts and assets, while the other spouse may know very little. When a couple in this situation divorces, the spouse who lacks the financial awareness is at a serious disadvantage when it comes to reaching a fair divorce settlement.

To ensure that you position yourself to receive your fair share in a divorce, it is essential to seek the advice of an experienced Orlando family lawyer and financial professionals. Your divorce settlement, or marital settlement agreement, will contain the complete terms of your divorce on every issue – including division of property, division of debt, custody, and support.

How Your Orlando Family Lawyer Can Improve Settlement Results

What may appear very reasonable on paper might not seem so fair upon further examination. For example, a 50/50 split of an investment account might sound perfectly fair – but what about tax liability and capital gains considerations? How do other assets, such as property or retirement accounts, factor in?

Many divorcing couples just want to conclude the process quickly and have their lawyers take care of the details. This is understandable, but with your financial security at stake you need to question the ramifications of asset and property division.

If you are somewhat in the dark about your household finances and facing divorce, we can help. A skilled Orlando family lawyer at our firm will work closely with you to reach a fair and positive marriage settlement agreement. We will help you:

  • consider the impact of taxes, inflation, living expenses, retirement plans, medical expenses, child and spousal support, investment and brokerage accounts
  • produce an accurate budget
  • examine the accuracy of your spouse’s financial assets and property (using forensic accounting experts when needed)
  • work with an experienced financial planner if needed

A well-trained and experienced Orlando family lawyer will help you understand all the terms of your divorce settlement before you ever sign it. At Kramer Law, we are going to tell our client the truth. We want to know what is worrying you, what your issues are. We want to know these things so we can help you resolve your problems, maximize your position and reach realistic goals.

To find out more, contact our Orlando divorce law firm today.