Hiring the Best Lawyer

Just how critical is an Orlando family attorney to your divorce case? If the divorce involves minor children, money and assets, or disputes as to who gets what, by all means you should have a skilled lawyer on your side.

Technically, you do not need an attorney to file for a divorce in Florida. Many people feel that doing without a lawyer is going to save them money. People also may think their divorce will be settled without issue. However, cases are few in which both spouses remain civil, no issues arise, and no legal assistance is needed to ensure that they are treated fairly now and in the future.

Divorce Cases Where Your Orlando Family Attorney is Especially Helpful

There are many situations that arise in a divorce where the expertise of a divorce lawyer is extremely valuable:

  • You spouse has hired an attorney
  • Children are involved
  • Money and assets are at stake
  • Marital debt is involved
  • You wish to seek alimony
  • Your spouse is bitter or vengeful
  • Domestic violence is a concern

Only an experienced lawyer can understand, interpret and apply all of the current Florida laws regarding divorce, child support, alimony, custody, division of property and the enforcement of court orders. A good Orlando family attorney is going to give you 100% objective advice that is meant to protect you and your children; advice that will keep you on track when emotions tend to prevail over sound judgment.

Finally, to handle a divorce yourself, you should be prepared to learn what you must do to follow the process in the court system of your jurisdiction regarding filings, pleadings, hearings, affidavits or financial documents.

Talk with an Orlando Family Attorney Now – Not Later

Even if you are not certain that you will pursue a divorce, it would be beneficial to meet with an experienced lawyer who will help you understand the law and how it applies in your case. You may be surprised at the hidden issues and questions that can surface just by speaking with qualified, compassionate legal counsel.

Even if you do not retain the lawyer to represent you, you will have a better understanding your case. A good Orlando family attorney can and will help clarify the many legal issues you face, so you can make good decisions.

There is nothing wrong with not being sure if filing for divorce is the right thing to do. The right lawyer will always first try to save the marriage if that is a real possibility. If the divorce is inevitable, that attorney is going to work hard to protect you and your children.

If you are considering divorce, a seasoned Orlando family attorney at the New Future Divorce & Family Law Firm would be glad to speak with you about your case.  To see how we can help, contact our Orlando divorce law firm today and schedule a free consultation.