Can I relocate with my child? Part II

Last week’s Part I of “Can I relocate with my child?” detailed Florida Statute §61.13001 a statute deals with “Parental relocation with a child.” In Part I, we detailed both relocation by agreement and the beginning requirements of relocation by petition. Part I can be found here. Continuing on with our discussion of relocation by […]

Proposed House Bill Potentially Impacts Florida’s Alimony laws!

House Bill 549 proposed by Representative Ritch Workman R-Melbourne looks to completely overhaul Florida’s alimony laws as was recently reported in the Orlando Sentinel. What are some of the changes? First, consideration of adultery would be removed from consideration, which was a point of recent discussion in our weekly blog here. Second, the proposed bill […]

What role does “fault” play in Florida?

Florida is a state that recognizes what is commonly called “no-fault” divorce. That is, that Florida’s judicial system allows individuals seeking to dissolve their marriage to simply claim that their marriage is “irretrievably broken” in order for a court with jurisdiction to allow the marriage between the parties to be dissolved. While this is the […]

What About Grandparents’ Rights?

Occasionally, I receive inquiries from grandparents’ concerned about what their rights are in regard to their grandchildren. They ask, “Can I get visitation?” or “Can I file for custody?” The answer, though, is not too positive. Unless it is agreeable to both parents, grandparents generally do not have rights to their grandchildren in the state […]