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"Let me tell you about a horror story of one my client’s who used Legal Zoom. I’m Steve Kramer. I’m a Florida attorney. Now I had a client and it was a few years back and she had written a series of books and she wanted to trademark the name of those series of books. And she went ahead and used this online service to go ahead and register her trademark. The problem was it wasn’t done properly so she missed out. The trademark office actually rejected the filing. They rejected her trademark and then she came to see me. And this was a little bit afterwards because it took a little bit of time for her trademark to go through and her trademark to fail. And she went and she saw me and we looked at it.

Then we went in there and here’s what happened. Somebody else had already trademarked the name. She lost the opportunity to trademark this name because it was done the wrong way. She lost the money that she spent, which by the way, was about the same price that I would have charged her. She lost the trademark, she lost the money and she would never, ever get the trademark because somebody else had registered that trademark. And that is simply a horrible horror story. It’s awful because if she had seen me in the beginning, she would have a trademark by now. Her vision, her dreams would have been protected. So the moral of the story is sit down with an attorney. We deal with this stuff all the time. Make sure you do it the right way. Make sure that you’ve got somebody that understands the laws. I deal with this all the time and I’d love to talk with you. Pick up the phone. I’m Steve Kramer, thanks for watching."

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