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Steven Kramer
5 out of 5 based on 9 user reviews.    
5   by Jeff Howell via
"I had been putting off doing a will and estate planning for a number of years. I finally decided to call Steven Kramer and I am extremely glad that I did. He called me into his office and introduced me to his estate planning specialist who thoroughly explained everything that I would need to have and needed to take care of. He was extremely patient, pleasant, and thorough. He answered every question I had, went through the contracts step by step, and made me feel extremely comfortable in asking to explain certain aspects of the language within. Mr. Kramer oversaw the procedure and checked to make sure that everything done was to my satisfaction (which it was). I walked out feeling very glad that I had this done with Mr. Kramer and his firm. I highly recommend Steven Kramer and will absolutely use him for future legal matters."
5   by Carmen Gantier via
"My sister was looking for a divorce attorney in Orlando and found Steven. He had helped me on a bankruptcy issue. He is a great attorney and worked really hard for our family."
5   by Paula Estess via
"I can't express my gratitude and respect for these attorneys with mere verbiage. I consulted with another law firm here in town, and was treated with robotic indifference. Not only are the attorneys and staff at Kramer warm and approachable, their ability to strategize in a way that most benefited me exceeded my wildest expectations."
5   by GoKnights97 via
"Kramer did a really good job in my case. They were good about always calling me back and updating me (which is a nice change of pace from another lawyer I had). I always felt like that had my case under control. I would recommend using them to my friends and family."
5   by Michelle via
"I own a multi-family property in WI that I have been trying to sell in the horrible real estate market for over a year and a half. I now live in Florida and am a small business owner. I reached out to Steve because I wanted to find out how a foreclosure could possibly affect me. At the time I reached out to him my mortgage was not past due and what I wanted to do was to basically take the rents I was receiving and pay down other debt that has been incurred since starting my own business. The rents I collect don't even cover the mortgage, much less any expenses. I am so glad I reached out to him prior to taking any action on my own because I had no clue on how the foreclosure could affect my overall credit lines (credit cards, etc). Steve carefully explained what would happen and how it would impact me. The best part about it? I understood exactly what he was saying - he spoke in "layman's terms" making it easy for me to understand. While I haven't quite decided what I'm going to do if it comes to the point that I elect to allow the property to go into foreclosure and if I decide to in turn file bankruptcy I will most certainly hire Kramer Law Firm to assist and guide me through the process."
5   by Michelle Mangen via
"Had phone consult with Steve regarding my desire to potentially let a property I own go into foreclosure. He clearly explained the entire process to me as well as alerted me to the potential impact the process would make on my small business. With his help and guidance I was able to make the decision that was best for my situation. Without his help I would have certainly made some bad moves."
5   by dangeltman via
"Mr. Kramer was able to help my family get out of a foreclosure case and save our home. His staff was always courteous and helpful. They did a great job with our case. I would highly recommend for anyone fighting a foreclosure."
5   by Brad via
"When I met with Mr. Kramer, my house was scheduled for sale and I had a judgment against me already. Mr. Kramer was able to get the sale canceled and was able to get rid of the judgment. After that I was able to obtain a loan modification and keep my house. Consider me a satisfied client...I highly recommend Mr. Kramer."
5   by Joe via
"Steven D. Kramer is awesome! A vigorous advocate for my rights. Stone cold in the courtroom - just look at his mug to the left! Highly recommended."
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