Getting a Divorce? Let’s Eat Some Cake!!

When one typically conjures up the mental picture of how a divorce from their husband or wife, most people think of it in somewhat negative terms but, that concept has been thrown for a loop. Why, you ask? Well, a bakery in South Florida looks to change those frowns upside-down with their newly envisioned “Divorce Cakes.”

A recent news article detailed the designs of Elite Cake Creations in Cooper City, Florida, located about a half-hour from Miami and ten to fifteen minutes from Ft. Lauderdale, which are divorce themed. Taking a jovial approach to the subject of divorce has been seen by some as wedding cakes gone wrong. But, some of the most popular designs include one cake that has a sign that reads, “Take The Garbage Out,” as well as one cake that depicts a cemetery scene complete with tombstones that includes a coffin with a wedding ring inside. The owner of Elite Cake Creations, Ms. Beatrice Otero, states that they sell about 3 divorce cakes a month and the cake purchasing doesn’t come from just women as one of the most popular designs for men is a golf-bag themed cake that reads, “Let’s Play! Now, I Am Free!” Additionally, Ms. Otero’s take is that the cakes give spouses who are feeling blue “an opportunity to express themselves through cake.” The newspaper also interviewed a client who was purchasing a divorce cake, Ms. Sheila Jackson, who commented, “It’s a way to say it’s OK; I can celebrate and life is still good.”

While an interesting news story, divorce and the implications it has on, not only those involved but, also perhaps minor children, is a serious issue. Whether facing a divorce petition having been filed against you or, if you are considering taking the next step toward filing for divorce make sure you consult a dedicated Orlando divorce attorney to help you along the process.