Dealing With The Emotions Of Divorce

A recent news story from South Florida revealed that even relatives of the husband and wife going through a divorce can sometimes get caught up in the emotions of divorce. The news story was detailed in’s news section and can be found here.

The story detailed the incident involving Salvatore Miglino and his soon to be ex-mother-in-law, Cheryl Hepner. Mr. Miglino arrived close to 5pm at the home of his ex-wife’s parents to pick up his son as was required per a court-ordered custody arrangement. Shortly after Mr. Miglino arrived at the home, located in Tamarac, Florida, Ms. Hepner greeted Mr. Miglino in the driveway with Mr. Miglino’s son’s pillow and sleeping bag. Then, according to a Broward County Sherriff Officer’s police report, Ms. Hepner stated to Mr. Miglino that Ms. Hepner’s husband wanted to speak with Mr. Miglino inside of their Tamarac home. Miglino, who stated to reporters after the encounter that he thought “something was going to happen,” refused to go inside the home and then Ms. Hepner pulled a handgun from behind the pillow and proceeded to fire three shots at Miglino striking him in his ribcage and shoulder. According to the report, Miglino then landed on top of Ms. Hepner in the front yard.

The whole encounter, luckily for Miglino, was recorded on his iPhone camera. This was beneficial for Miglino because Ms. Hepner, after the events transpired, somehow managed to call 911 in which Hepner told local police that Miglino had pulled the gun but that she had wrestled it away from Miglino and then shot Miglino in self-defense. Also, during her 911 call, Hepner stated that Miglino’s son had been away with his mother at the time of the incident eating dinner and that Miglino and his wife are “in the middle of a horrible divorce.”

Divorce, known legally as dissolution of marriage, is quite often an extremely emotional legal proceeding and both parties typically struggle with their emotions throughout the process. Sometimes these emotions can make the parties directly involved in the divorce proceedings to act irrationally but, rarely do those indirectly involved go to such extreme ends of emotion. And, while emotion can play a major role in many divorce proceedings, having a Florida family law attorney acting on your behalf can guide you through the process both legally and emotionally.