Mother-In-Law Shoots Son-In-Law; A Follow-Up

In a recent post by myself, titled “Dealing With The Emotions of Divorce,” found here, I discussed the shocking chain of events involving Salvatore Miglino and his soon-to-be mother-in-law, Cheryl Hepner. As the earlier post discussed, Mr. Miglino was shot by Ms. Hepner when Miglino attempted to pick-up his minor son from Ms. Hepner’s residence in South Florida. Ms. Hepner’s daughter was, at the time, involved in a bitter divorce proceeding with Mr. Miglino and it seemed as though Ms. Hepner’s emotions had gotten the best of her. Well, to follow-up this interesting story, a recent article from the revealed a recent hearing involving Mr. Miglino’s suit against Ms. Hepner for the shooting. The entirety of the story can be read here.

The article detailed that at a recent hearing a Broward County Judge, Judge Michael Usan, declined to set bail for Ms. Hepner who has been accused of attempting to kill Mr. Miglino. The event had been partially recorded on Miglino’s iPhone telephone. At the recent hearing Mr. Miglino and Ms. Hepner came face-to-face for the first time since the events of December 7th, 2011 when the alleged attack occurred. At the hearing Ms. Hepner’s attorney urged Judge Usan to set reasonable bail for Hepner because Hepner posed a low risk for future violent or aggressive behavior. Hepner’s attorney also argued that the iPhone recoding was illegally obtained and should not be allowed to be used as evidence, a legal technique called suppressing the evidence. Judge Usan refused to rule with Hepner’s attorney on both issues. Instead, Judge Hepner allowed the audio recording to be played in court before Judge Hepner, the victim, the defendant and numerous members of her family, including Ms. Hepner’s daughter. The audio recording was played and most of those in the courtroom appeared to be shocked, as was reported, but, Hepner did not appear to have any sort of response to the playing of the audio recording.

Clearly, as was reiterated back in the original post in regards to dealing with the emotions of divorce, emotions play a large role in many dissolution of marriage proceedings. But, having a knowledgeable Florida family law attorney on your side will allow you to know that someone is fighting for your interests before the court of law. As always though, should you be either seeking to petition for dissolution of marriage or responding to being served with a petition for dissolution of marriage, finding a compassionate and competent Florida family law attorney will allow you to navigate the often confusing and emotionally draining divorce process.