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Dividing Debt in Divorce in Florida – Who Gets Left Holding the Bills?

If you are considering divorce, you need to prepare for dividing marital debt. Since most couples owe a good deal of money to creditors, a real concern becomes how to pay off debts and who pays what. Debt acquired by either spouse during the marriage is usually considered “marital debt.” Florida courts observe equitable distribution […]

Your Orlando Divorce and Social Security

Can you collect on your ex’s retirement benefits? If a couple divorces in Florida, is a spouse entitled to their ex-spouse’s Social Security retirement benefits? Depending on certain restrictions – the answer is often Yes. Social Security retirement funds are the main source of income for many of Orlando’s unmarried retirees. However, because many people […]

The Pitfalls Of Fault Based Divorce – UK Style

Fault based divorce, divorce requiring the misdeeds of one of the spouses of a marriage to be established to allow divorce, is a concept that most of the states in the United States have moved away from since the inception of “no-fault” divorce during the 1960’s in California. A recent story from, found here, […]

Mother-In-Law Shoots Son-In-Law; A Follow-Up

In a recent post by myself, titled “Dealing With The Emotions of Divorce,” found here, I discussed the shocking chain of events involving Salvatore Miglino and his soon-to-be mother-in-law, Cheryl Hepner. As the earlier post discussed, Mr. Miglino was shot by Ms. Hepner when Miglino attempted to pick-up his minor son from Ms. Hepner’s residence […]

Split The Difference? Improper, Says Florida Court of Appeal

When a lower trial court arrived at a valuation of a marital asset by simply splitting the difference between the valuations submitted by both parties as to the value of such a marital asset is improper. A recent opinion from Florida’s First District Court of Appeal supported this position. The opinion from the case can […]

Family Pets And Divorce

What happens to the family pet when parties decide to break the bonds of marriage? In a recent article from Yahoo! News, this issue was touched on, the conclusion? When dealing with family pets, parties to a divorce are left to their own devices regarding how family pets will be dealt with due to the […]