Mother-In-Law Shoots Son-In-Law; A Follow-Up

[separator] In a recent post by myself, titled “Dealing With The Emotions of Divorce,” found here, I discussed the shocking chain of events involving Salvatore Miglino and his soon-to-be mother-in-law, Cheryl Hepner. As the earlier post discussed, Mr. Miglino was shot by Ms. Hepner when Miglino attempted to pick-up his minor son from Ms. Hepner’s […]

Split The Difference? Improper, Says Florida Court of Appeal

[separator] When a lower trial court arrived at a valuation of a marital asset by simply splitting the difference between the valuations submitted by both parties as to the value of such a marital asset is improper. A recent opinion from Florida’s First District Court of Appeal supported this position. The opinion from the case […]

Family Pets And Divorce

[separator] What happens to the family pet when parties decide to break the bonds of marriage? In a recent article from Yahoo! News, this issue was touched on, the conclusion? When dealing with family pets, parties to a divorce are left to their own devices regarding how family pets will be dealt with due to […]

Unexpected Consequence Of Same Sex Marriage Bans

[separator] Amending a state’s constitution to prevent same-sex marriage could end up having unmarried same and opposite couples face acts of domestic violence without the ability to obtain relief by the law. Sounds impossible, right? Wrong, well at least for a little while. In a recent article from North Carolina’s News Observer, this same impossible […]

Defense of Marriage Act Ruled Unconstitutional

[separator] The Defense of Marriage Act, enacted by former President William Clinton, has been ruled unconstitutional as applied to the circumstances involving a lesbian couple who attempted to enroll in health insurance programs offered by the United States Office of Personnel Management. Details of the ruling were first mentioned in the Los Angeles Times but, […]

NYC Mother Sues For $900 Trillion!!!

[separator] In a news story of relevance outside of the particular realm of divorce and family law related matters in the state of Florida comes an interesting story first reported in the New York Post, here,  of a mother’s decision to sue New York City’s Administration for Children’s Services for $900 trillion for removing her […]