Dividing Debt in Divorce in Florida – Who Gets Left Holding the Bills?

If you are considering divorce, you need to prepare for dividing marital debt. Since most couples owe a good deal of money to creditors, a real concern becomes how to pay off debts and who pays what. Debt acquired by either spouse during the marriage is usually considered “marital debt.” Florida courts observe equitable distribution […]

Orlando Alimony Attorney on the Possibility of Alimony Law Reform in 2014

The rules of alimony (spousal support) in Florida have recently been under scrutiny. In the spring of 2013 an “alimony reform bill” that passed in both houses was ultimately vetoed by Florida Governor Rick Scott. Florida alimony reform is a hot-button issue, and as an Orlando alimony attorney I have great interest in the progress […]

Your Orlando Divorce and Social Security

Can you collect on your ex’s retirement benefits? If a couple divorces in Florida, is a spouse entitled to their ex-spouse’s Social Security retirement benefits? Depending on certain restrictions – the answer is often Yes. Social Security retirement funds are the main source of income for many of Orlando’s unmarried retirees. However, because many people […]

Child Support Attorney Reveals 5 Facts Unwed Fathers Should Know

As difficult as parenting issues can be for a divorcing couple, the issues can become even more tangled if the parents were never married. This may be especially true for unwed fathers. Many wrong assumptions can keep unwed dads from understanding their parental responsibilities and fully taking advantage of their rights as fathers. Here are […]

The Pitfalls Of Fault Based Divorce – UK Style

Fault based divorce, divorce requiring the misdeeds of one of the spouses of a marriage to be established to allow divorce, is a concept that most of the states in the United States have moved away from since the inception of “no-fault” divorce during the 1960’s in California. A recent story from NYTimes.com, found here, […]